Bulova Women's 96R19 Diamond Chronograph Watch Review

Bulova Women's 96R19 Diamond Chronograph Watch

Bulova Women's 96R19 Diamond Chronograph Watch

I have never really had a good watch, and so decided it was time that I took a look at what was available. I began my search online with a certain price range in mind, and the type of watch style I preferred. That was when I came upon the Bulova Women's 96R19 Diamond Chronograph Watch.

Not only have I been impressed with the overall design of this watch, but it has stood the test of time providing me with a lasting and quality product. Here are some details on what made me an instant buyer of the Bulova Women's 96R19 Diamond Chronograph Watch.

The 96R19 makes use of extremely accurate time-keeping with Japanese quartz movement. What I love too is that I do not have to worry about winding my watch. Unlike a mechanical type watch, which can be thicker and bulky, the 96R19 is thin and elegant, perfect for my wrist.

Bulova Women's 96R19 Diamond Chronograph WatchLooking at the Bulova 96R19 Watch, you might think that it is too sporty. I have worn this watch from causal trips to the mall to a night out at a local fancy restaurant in my finest black dress. I have received numerous comments on my watch - they notice the shimmer of the design and the beauty of the 16 diamonds that frame the face. The face includes 3 sub-dials set in the main pearlized face.

The case is designed in stainless steel and one feature I love about the band is that is has a virtually invisible locking clasp. This gives the whole band a great look.

Tested to be water resistant to 30 meters, I do not have to worry about getting water on it and damaging it. It cleans up very well and while it is bright and shiny, it is not too flashy or too much bling-bling.

I have to say, when I first looked at the watch online, I thought it was going to be too big for my wrist. I could not have been more wrong! I am an average gal, so my wrists are not too big, and the Bulova 96R19 watch sat perfectly - not too big, just the right size.

I believe that I found the perfect watch for me. I saw this watch at my local department store and was amazed that I could get it online through Amazon for about $100 less. People have complimented me on my watch saying that I must have spent a pretty penny to get it - if they only knew! I think you will be impressed by the design, quality and value of the Bulova Women's 96R19 Diamond Chronograph Watch.

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Bulova Women's 96R19 Diamond Chronograph Watch

What Others Are Saying:

"I got this from my boyfriend, and I must say that it's the most beautiful watch I have ever owned. I needed one for a very long time now, and I have always loved metal watches, and when this caught my eye, I just had to have it. Ive spent months looking at watches both online and in stores and this is the finest looking one I found! I wasn't even looking at prices, and was pleasantly surprised how affordable this one is. ", Kasia S

"I got this watch for Mother's Day, with my initials engraved into the back of the dial -- I was so pleased. It's beautiful, the diamonds are just enough, the size is right between too small and too big making it the PERFECT size." , N.A. Holliday

"This watch is just beautiful!! I can't stop looking at it. It is an attention getter for sure, I have had a lot of compliments already. It definitely paid off shopping around, the watch sells for $500 at most department stores", T. Carroll